posted on 05 june 2016 by Lisa Prather

Going Organic for a Healthier You

Consumption patterns can influence the course of the economy and the world. A conscious and responsible consumption, oriented to the promotion of successful activities for nature and people, is a great contribution and a decisive instrument of pressure against the market. The concept of organics is very wide, but we try to summarize it below.

An ethical consumption

A social and environmentally responsible agriculture has its counterpart in responsible drinking. The aim of production is not the welfare of men but the accumulation of wealth, which tends to reduce people's submissive role of mere consumers. To address the social and ecological problems, it is essential to have an active role in organics consumption. Responsible consumption reflects, ultimately, by being aware of the social, economic, environmental-with daily acts.

Human Health

Organic food is safer, as organic farming prohibits the use of pesticides and herbicides which occurs frequently in potentially dangerous combinations.

Studies in humans and animals fed organic food show real effects on health, and alternative cancer therapies have achieved good results based on the exclusive consumption of organic food.

Studies by doctors and dedicated to alternative cancer treatment specialists, observed that a completely organic diet is essential for a successful outcome nutritionists.

Reasons to eat organic products

There are many other reasons why you should consider organic products:

They have no chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers or synthetic additives.
Its flavor, color and aroma are of the highest quality: they are full of life.
They have many more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants than conventional products.
Protect the health of consumers and farmers.
They are rigorously certified products, ensuring complete consumer satisfaction.
They help prevent global warming.

Organic supports biodiversity

It also involves a shared social responsibility from the producer to the consumer. All products offered have the corresponding authorizations for marketing and consumption. Lastly, remember they are enabled by their corresponding organic certifications, all have expiration date and are stored according to the requirements for optimal preservation.