posted on 30 sept 2016 by Lisa Prather

How to Effectively Control Voracious Appetite

If the obsession of achieving a sculpted body has led you to stop eating, the problem is what you eat, when and how much you eat. If you believe that your accelerated life leads to anxiety and hunger, make sure you follow the below tips that will help control appetite.

The accelerated life to which you are pressured creates a level of anxiety that causes all kinds of eating disorders and often relate to your dissatisfaction and insecurities with food. It is time to improve your eating habits.

Today it is common to find many slimming products in the supermarket and pharmacy, as fiber bars, powders, shakes, pills, patches, creams and so on. But you need not resort to all this, nor to stop eating. These changes in your everyday behavior will be a good starting point:

Brush your teeth. Brushing your teeth 10 minutes before each meal is another way to trick your body because your mind thinks that you will not eat more.

Reduce your stomach. The more you eat, the worst it gets. Therefore, the first objective will be to reduce your stomach. This requires you to stop eating when you still have the feeling of being able to continue eating. At first you will stop eating when you are hungry yet, but you will gradually diminish the amounts of food and you begin to feel satisfied. Begin by leaving a quarter of each portion, then a third and if you can then half.

Chew gum. Often the desire to eat something is not hungry but anxiety. Chewing sugarless gum harmless to help you get over the unrest.

Eat before at home. If you're going out to eat at a restaurant with your family or friends, a great secret to keeping your diet is to eat at home before, so far, healthy, and come already filled to the restaurant. You will just order a gelatin and water mineral.

Do not get bored. Idleness is your greatest enemy, so always take care of something, even on the phone or go out for a walk, but do not go to your refrigerator.

Write it all. Every day, take notes in a notebook of absolutely everything you eat so you're aware of the mistakes you make and have the option to improve.