posted on 14 jan 2017 by Lisa Prather

3 Things you Should be Doing to your Eyes

When it comes to health, the first thing that everyone thinks about is fitness. That is not necessarily true, there are some important organs in our amazing body that needs special care too and I am sure that our beloved eyes is one of them.

Here are the top 3 methods of achieving that:

1. Yes, eating plenty of fruits and veggies in general and carrots in specific does help in maintaining healthy eyes. The Beta Carotene in carrots is considered to be a very effective antioxidant in reducing the risk of macular degeneration (retina infection that can cause severe vision loss).

Vitamins, minerals and fats such as Vitamin C and Omega-3 fats are also important for your eyes. Broccoli, Salmon and Spinach are really good for providing you with the necessary stuff previously mentioned.

2. Cucumbers, but not for eating, placing cold cucumbers slices gently on your eye lids (preferably before sleep) will prevent water retention (fluids accumulation), therefore will reduce the chances of getting puffy eye lids. This is mainly because they contain ascorbic and caffeic acid.

So technically speaking, watching movies with ladies putting cucumbers on while having their spa is not a myth, it has a scientific base. Eating the cucumbers after doing its job won`t be bad too.

3. I know you guys think it`s fashion related, but wearing sunglasses is important to your eyes as it for your appearance, don`t get me wrong I mean UV Sunglasses (Polarized). Protecting your eyes from UV rays since early ages will reduce the chances of suffering from eyesight loss. Moreover, macular degeneration (that we mentioned before), Pingueculae and Pterygia (both are growth of tissues on the eyes balls that can interfere with your vision) are believed to be caused by being exposed to excess amount of UV rays during your lifetime.