posted on 26 july 2016 by Lisa Prather

Why Having a Happy Disposition Matters

Neither money nor riches nor wrinkle creams will make you feel 100% satisfied. The only recipe to keep forever young and healthy is happiness.

We tell you why

For years, man has sought the secret of eternal youth. And it is that staying young is an obsession for many people, and therefore believe that surgery or creams will make them look young and beautiful forever. The good news is that the recipe to stay forever young and healthy is free and very beneficial: it is called happiness.

Five steps to be happy

1. Stay away from stress. Making your life partner feel worried is the worst mistake for your health, your self esteem and your mood. Stay away immediately from those people, situations and places that impatient you, take away your mood and energy and just surround yourself with those providing you love, affection and good times.

2. Always the glass half full. Any situation we live helps us to grow and appreciate what we have and who we have in our lives. Do not be discouraged.

3. Be happy with small things. A rich coffee in the morning, a hug from those you love, chocolate ice cream, whatever makes you happy is good to have it in your life: the day to be happy is today!

4. Indulge. Not everything in life should revolve around the other: you must also take time for yourself and do what you like best: listen to your favorite music, read, nap, go for walks, visiting new landscapes or watch your movie favorite are situations that will make you happy and optimistic about life.

5. Be thankful. The happiest people are those who appreciate what they have, so go through difficult times. Saying thank you is a wonderful way to build a good aura everywhere you go. You will learn to appreciate the life you lead.